Our Reports On Island Transit

Vancouver Island faces infrequent and costly public transit, addressing only a small portion of demand. Prioritizing frequent and affordable bus service connecting Victoria with central Vancouver Island is critical, offering user and community benefits, reducing congestion, crashes, and emissions more cost-effectively than highway improvements.

Frequent and Affordable Vancouver Island Bus Service

Backgrounder document outlining the rationale behind the push for convenient and inexpensive public transit connecting Cental and South Vancouver Island.

More frequent and affordable bus services connecting South and Central Vancouver Island would help many travellers and communities, is far more cost effective, faster to implement, and provides more total benefits than other transportation improvement options. For these reasons, regional districts, BC Transit and MoTI should implement frequent and affordable bus service in 2025.

Last Updated: June 6th, 2024

What We Want and Don’t Want

BC needs a planning process that can efficiently develop interregional transit services which serve community needs and support strategic goals.

British Columbians need a multimodal transportation system that serves everyone’s mobility needs, including interregional travellers who cannot, should not or prefer not to drive. More frequent and affordable intercity bus service is essential for achieving these goals.

Last Updated: June 7th, 2024

Organization Introduction & Objectives Presentation

Frequent and affordable bus service with TDM incentives is by far the most cost-effective and way to improve mobility and reduce Island Highway traffic problems.

We don’t’ want to repeat the slow and costly planning process for the #70 Duncan-Nanaimo route that took a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Last Updated: February 26th, 2024