About Better Island Transit

We are a group of activists, subject-matter experts and citizens lobbying for convenient and affordable public transportation on Vancouver Island.

In 2023, Todd Litman appeared on CBC to present his study on improving bus service over the Malahat between Victoria and Duncan. Soon after, our group formed to support these proposed improvements, and to support convenient and affordable bus service throughout Vancouver Island. The group name, Better Island Transit, was chosen and work began in earnest.

Current Central to Southern Vancouver Island Transit Services

Frequent and affordable public transit service can provide convenient independent mobility for travellers who cannot, should not or prefer not to drive on Island highways. It also reduces road congestion, crashes and pollution emissions. It supports local economic development by helping students access school, workers access jobs, businesses access employees and tourists access rural areas. It helps create more livable, equitable and successful communities. Transit service between central and southern Vancouver Island is currently infrequent and expensive, particularly between Duncan and Victoria. Our longer-term goal is to create a model for planning intercity public transit services throughout Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia.